Friday, June 17, 2011


“Essential Criteria Checklist for Evaluating Instructional Courseware”
Assessment of Commercial/Published Products
Pick 2 Y/N
The following checklist includes four sets of essential qualities used to discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable software material as well as criteria for specific software functions. If software does not meet all these criteria, it probably should not be considered for purchase. For each item, circle Y for yes if it meets the criterion, or N for no if it does not.

Title ________Froguts__________________      Publisher ____________________________________________
Content Area _Biology and Environmental Sciences_____    Grade Level(s) ___Upper Elementary, Middle and High School____
Cost Information and Pricing Options Available _$300 Per School/$30 Per Year at Home___________________                                                                                                    ________
Courseware Functions:        ______________Drill and practice             ____________Instructional Game
                                         _____X_________Tutorial                         ______X______Problem Solving
                                         _____X_________Simulation                    ______X_______Other
Objectives: ___To create lifelong learners who are excited about Biology and Environmental Sciences______________________________________________________________________________________

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